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Dillon MuellerDillon was an 18 year old fun-loving, energetic, passionate young man who got stung by a bee and died of a fatal allergic reaction. We later found out that you never know when you can acquire an allergy. We don’t know if Dillon had been stung before or if this was the first time. Access to epinephrine may have saved his life. However, epinephrine is only available by prescription and since Dillon had not been diagnosed with an allergy he did not have epinephrine available. If you can acquire an allergy at any point in life, how do you get a prescription for life-saving medicine? Many people are unaware of the difficulty of obtaining this necessary medicine. Our goal is to make epinephrine available to the public without a prescription. Ultimately, we believe every first aid kit should contain an Epi-Pen. Please help us make our dream become a reality. Join with us and help change the laws regarding the availability of epinephrine. Do It For Dillon! If you’re interested in making a financial contribution to help support our effort, please send a check made payable to the Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund at the address below. Thank You!

Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund
2205 E. Cty. Hwy. V
Mishicot, WI 54228



Thank you from the bottom of my heart, everyone.  Dillons Law (2017 Wi. Act 133) allows ANYONE who is trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms of a severe  allergic reaction and administering an epinephrine auto injector (epipen) to carry it. Get trained, carry epi, save a life!!!!  In 3 short years we have gone from tragedy to victory. In the same gym that we held Dillons wake in, Gov. Scott Walker signed DILLONS LAW.

NEW!!!!  I am now approved to instruct the DO IT FOR DILLON-SAVE A LIFE anaphylaxis training and certification program.  “Trained Individuals” can have epinephrine auto injectors on hand to use in the event of an emergency. THIS MEANS YOU!!  I WILL TRAIN YOU, YOUR EMPLOYEES OR GROUP  FOR FREE!!   just call (920)-905-3863. You will be covered under the “good samaritan” protections of the law once certified. “Dillon’s LAW” is passed now and  ANYONE who is trained will be able to carry an epinephrine auto-injector regardless of allergy diagnosis.  LETS DO THIS FOR DILLON!!!!  CALL TODAY!!

Dillon jumping his dirt bike over a truck!

Dillon jumping his dirt bike over a friend’s truck!


George and Angel Mueller

Dillon’s Parents


22 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to you, your family, and your son for such a tragic accident. However, I do want to add that these Epi pens are available online for purchase without a perscription. They are not very well known about because they are thought to be only for perscription. A website called liveactionsafety.com sells them, but they are expensive. It is a reputible website that sells paramedic gear. This story is very sad and touching and I would just like to get the word out that this medication is out there and hopefully, much like AEDs, Epi pens will be readily available someday.

    Link to buy Epi pens: http://www.liveactionsafety.com/lineage-epinephrine-auto-injectors/

    God bless you, your family, and Dillon.


  2. I am allergic to bees and hazelnuts and carry an Epipen-With insurance it costs $340 out of pocket for the duo pack. I don’t know how they can charge such fees for something that cost $60 with insurance 2 years ago, has to be replaced regularly, and is necessary for this life threatening allergy. Taking Benedryl immediately when stung helps before emergency care arrives or you can get to the hospital. I usually have 5-10 minutes before redness and itching develops and breathing trouble starts. It’s very scary. Bless you and your family in the loss of your precious son.


  3. It really sounds more like an issue of slow emergency response times rather than distributing a prescription medication. While I’ll back any solution that keeps people alive, I would recommend possibly petitioning your local government to improve infrastructure to reduce traffic and to establish better EMT coverage.


  4. Good luck on your mission of love. It is a fitting tribute to your dear son. Thank you for your message that may save another life.


  5. Epinephrine pens should be readily available in many public places, just like defribilators. For families without known allergies there are many practical considerations. Would every member carry a pen at all times? Would they be replaced reliably at expiration? They should be available to those who need them at a reasonable price.


  6. I would like to hope that the angels are helping you daily with strength to you and your family. That he brings blessings and signs to you daily as well. I too lost my son Joseph DeNicola this past Oct during trick or treating with his father. I am always here if you just need someone. I can only offer you support. Blessings light and love and I am right here to get your cause EPI for Dilly completed, it is a very very brave step and one that has the power behind making change for all. We are all here for you… Julianne DeNicola Joseph DeNicola Mommy…


  7. For Dillon miss you buddy!! and My dad who is severly allergic to bees and to all my fellow arborists that deal with single bees or houndreds in a hive on a daily basis


  8. I am so sorry for your loss. You are doing a great thing to try to get new legislation passed to save others. Would you please post a link to your petition? I got an email from change.org and clicked on it so I could sign your petition but I could not find where to sign. I did see multiple ways I could promote your petition on social media but not how or where to sign the actual petition.


  9. Again, I clicked ‘sign this petition’ on this webpage as well and it took me back to the page where I do not see any place to sign the actual petition.


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