Pics and Videos

Our Story on NBC 26 Green Bay – Click to Watch the Video

Sticker Shock: What’s Behind High Prices at the Pharmacy?

A Day In the Country – A Private benefit for the Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund

Aric Bostick is a well known motivational speaker. He travels the country giving seminars to middle schools, high schools, corporations and other organizations.  Back in 2012 Dillon and other F.F.A. members banned together to raise money for him to come and speak at Dillon’s high school in Mishicot, Wisconsin.  I reached out to him shortly after Dillon’s passing.  Mr. Bostick emailed me his condolences and said he would make a you tube video in Dillon’s memory to help the students of the high school cope with the tragic loss of their peer, Dillon, to a bee sting. We set up a time to do a phone interview.  Meanwhile, Mr. Bostick shared Dillon’s story all over the country. When his videographer heard about the horrible loss that occured it broke his heart. He then “donated” his vacation day, the day after Thanksgiving, to work with Mr. Bostick to make a professional you tube video. He used the quotes I gave him during the phone interview and inserted the pictures I had sent him to “customize” the video to fit Dillon perfectly. The music he chose was absolutely breathtaking and makes me cry every time I watch the video.  It will make you cry as well.  Let this motivate you to sign the petition and please, help us to get epinephrine available without a prescription. Thank you Aric and Troy for the beautiful tribute. We made a promise to ourselves right there in the I.C.U. that we were going to make something good come out of this horrible tragedy.  Dillon will never be forgotten and we are committed to helping others.  We may not be able to “do it all” or “do it everywhere” but we are DOING IT FOR DILLON.


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